The name 4 Raw Pets came about due to us having 4 dogs and all are raw fed.

We originally started with creating a Facebook page for our dogs, to post their pictures and adventures for those who were involved in our dogs care before they came to live with us, so that they could stay up to date with their new lives.
I had also started a page where I saved files that I found to be interesting and useful

It soon became apparent that with the amount of files I had collected over the years and all the conflicting information around raw feeding, that I needed more than just a Facebook page.
I thought that If I can benefit from the info collected, why not share it more widely with others, which led to setting up this website and our Information and support group on Facebook

Why did I start raw feeding you may ask!
When I was younger I can remember my granddad feeding his dogs mainly on raw meat and they’ve always been healthy.
At home we used to feed our dog a combination of kibble and raw meat.
My dad would get up for work, walk our dog and give some kibble and at night he would give him tripe or other meat.
Later when we got cats we used to feed them day old chicks, mice and other small whole prey, that is if they hadn’t opened the fridge and helped themselves to it before we got back home.

It was only when I moved out that i started feeding kibble, mostly thinking it would be more convenient and lured by advertising and packaging stating it was a balanced appropriate diet, I thought I was doing right by them.
I couldn’t have been more wrong and should have stuck to what I knew, or better yet go back in time with all I know now and do it all over again, as unfortunately I have lost a few cats at quite a young age from kidney failure and am now blaming myself for feeding them dry kibble.

I started feeding our current dogs raw after struggling to find a commercial dog food that would work for all 4.

Our 1st dog Rascal had a flaky smelly skin, suffered with hot spots which resulted in gnawing his paws and constantly scratching, and what I call dog breath.
Our 2nd dog Layla was very skinny when we first got her, suffered from food related allergies, hardly touched her food so no matter what we tried, she would not put weight on.
Our 3rd dog Tia was fine other than having a greasy smelly skin (strong dog smell).
Our 4th dog Loki used to throw up and have explosive diarrhoea most days.

No matter what kibble and tins/trays of meat we tried, we couldn’t find anything that worked for all 4.
Where one would be OK on one brand, the other would still be suffering and visa versa.
We’ve tried cheap to expensive foods, even hypo allergenic, but simply nothing that was suitable for all four.

I remembered my granddads dogs and how healthy they were and started to wonder why and the only difference I could think of was diet.
They had never been fed kibble but always had raw meat.
Still blinded by advertising from kibble manufacturers stating how important a balanced species appropriate diet is and as a last resort to help our dogs, I started doing research on raw feeding and finally decided to take the plunge.

Since the transfer 2 of our 4 have only been suffering environmental allergies like grass.
The one dog that would barely eat and was struggling to put weight on, is loving her food, has gained weight and is maintaining it.
Overall their coats look shiny and feels soft, they don’t smell as bad as they used to, no more smelling breath, whiter teeth, smaller and less smelly stools, they even seem calmer yet active and bouncy and more focused instead of hyper and going over the top.

So having seen the transformation in our own dogs and having my own experience with raw, I can definitely recommend it and I for one am not going back to commercial food

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