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4 Raw Pets is a free of charge resource for leading your pet to a healthier lifestyle through feeding a natural species appropriate diet.

If you are worried about harmful processed foods and want to learn about natural diets, or want to know more about supplements and health and are looking for information, then this is the place to be.
Animal lovers of all kinds can enjoy the many benefits of a species appropriate diet for their beloved companions.
Animals such as dogs, cats, ferrets and foxes thrive on a species appropriate diet.

Join the thousands of people who are successfully feeding their pets a species appropriate diet and enjoying their healthy companions.
Your pet does not have to be a victim of unhealthy processed foods.

As the information provided is about PMR (Prey Model Raw) the chances are you will see a few images of whole prey, which some people might find graphic or be upset by.
I would like to express that this is not meant to offend anyone, but purely to educate on feeding a species appropriate diet through the articles on this site, images and even a Raw Meal Calculator

This website is continuously updated with new content and or new findings.
This means that even existing pages can change, so make sure to check in from time to time.

Other than this website, we also have a Facebook and MeWe group where you can ask questions and share experiences with others about raw feeding and we welcome people from all over the globe to join.
No doubt questions will be answered fairly quickly as our team of admin/ moderators live in different time zones, so chances are you’ll get an answer fairly quick.
We also welcome hunters, raw food suppliers, vets and other professionals.
We currently have a gamekeeper in our Facebook group who can provide UK members (locally) with rabbits, pigeons and depending on time of year other birds, but more gamekeepers (globally) would be welcome as well.
All website updates will be posted on both platforms so non of our members will have to lose out

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I’m a pet owner who is passionate about raw feeding, so all the information I can give/ share is from personal experience and loads of research
I am not a Vet nor Trainer/ Behaviourist so at all times seek medical/ training advice from your vet or other professionals,

So if you would like to know more about raw feeding please feel free to browse through the pages and or join our Facebook group.